Tea filter – versatile and indispensable for perfect tea enjoyment

Tea filter

Practical tea filters – perfect aroma for the finest enjoyment

You are an experienced tea gourmet and are looking for an alternative to the sordid tea bag? Then tea filters, tea infusers, etc. are ideal!

Real tea connoisseurs see loose tea as the absolute ultimate. Brewing is like a ceremony and is an inseparable part of tea enjoyment. Loose tea is a high-quality food, therefore the correct preparation is indispensable. Depending on the type of tea, the optimal water temperature as well as the brewing time vary so that the aroma is perfectly accentuated. Some tea filters, such as the paper filters, are designed for single use and are usually used with a filter insert. Tea filters for permanent use are particularly environmentally friendly. Thanks to the high-quality tea filter as a permanent filter, you can brew your favourite tea again and again in an environmentally friendly way and thus without a guilty conscience. If necessary, the tea filter is permanently in use and you can easily clean it every day in the dishwasher.

Ideal accessories & perfect taste – versatile tea filter & fine tea strainer

Whether you want to make a jug of herbal tea or just enjoy a cup of Earl Grey and lemon, the versatile tea filter is the perfect product. As a cup filter, the tea filter facilitates the uncomplicated preparation of a cup of tea. Green tea in a tea glass or a pot of fruit tea are ideal for a short break. Thanks to a kettle, tea filter and tea cup, treat yourself to a bit of relaxation in everyday life. Tea filters are suitable for different tea varieties, you can also use spices in addition to leaves. Thanks to the holder, the tea filter remains reliably in place. The tea filter (large or small) is convincing in continuous use due to its excellent sustainability. Many disposable bags today are made of plastic and, unlike a strainer or tea filter, are disposed of after single use. The reusable tea filter is empty and can be filled with your favourite tea. A silicone sieve is durable and BPA-free thanks to its high quality.

Enjoy tea time! Tea basket, tea strainer & Co – ideal gift ideas

On the way real tea fans do not want to do without this wonderful drink. A bottle with a lid fits well in the hand and is ideal for the safe transport of the liquid. A thermos jug keeps the contents inside reliably warm and a cup with lid is the ideal alternative to disposable cups. The wide range of tea accessories extends from simple fine tea filters, spoons and tea bag holders to stylish sets of glasses. If you are looking for the perfect gift, you will find tea egg, tea spoon, tea filter and tea filter holder, tea caddies, tea net, tea bowl, tea glass, vacuum jug or tea pot. Real tea connoisseurs are also happy about exclusive gift ideas such as infusers or tea machines.

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Tea filter